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We are delighted to offer different products all in one place to make your day brighter. You will find everything from book recommendations to life guides to fun shirts through the links here.  Here’s what you need to know:

1. Although we recommend and hand-picked ALL of the products on this page, they are not a cure, a requirement in order for you to feel better, or necessary in order to get the most out of therapy.

2. We are an Amazon affiliate. When you purchase a book or any product we recommend Amazon will pay eboniharris.com a percentage of the sale.

3. You can always purchase these books/products from Amazon directly, find books at your local bookstore, or borrow them from a library.

4. Info-products and therapy swag are all personally designed by me to enhance your love, your life, and your heart but there are no guarantees.

Happy shopping!

— Eboni